Northwest Sanitary

Septic Issues? We Have Answers!

Serving the Rusk, Washburn, Sawyer, and Birchwood areas

Sewer Sewer Camera sewer

Sewage lines are examined via video

We have high-tech sewer video cameras to inspect sewage lines clogged by roots and other agents. Northwest Sanitary of Radisson, WI can get to the "root" of the problem with ease.

  • Camera sewer line inspections

  • Drain line inspections

  • Holding tank inspections


Comprehensive sewer services for you

Our video equipment is ready to work for you when we see a clear picture of what could be causing your clogs as well as what maintenance your tank or line may need.


All of our customers are valued - we strive for perfection and get the job done right the first time. Give us a call and let's work to solve your septic issue.

Everything is ready to work

Septic tanks can be viewed with our cameras


We solve problems that you can't see in your tanks and sewer lines. We'll locate the problem - we guarantee it.

WI DNR licensed and certified; continuing education is ongoing

Members of the WI (WLWCA) as well for 10 years.

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