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Septic Issues? We Have Answers!

Serving the Rusk, Washburn, Sawyer, and Birchwood areas

Septic Line thawing Line thawing

When Wisconsin septic lines freeze, call us!

Northwest Sanitary of Radisson, WI has over 30 years of experience handling the septic systems of Northern Wisconsin. During winter, your line can and will freeze up - give us the job of thawing it out.

  • Electric heating

  • Fueled heating

  • Heat gun thawing

  • Recommendations to keep pipes thawed using boiled water or electric heat tape - depending on your system

We offer the following:

Don't let the dead of winter stop your toilet from flushing. There are numerous ways to keep your line thawed and we'll show you what those options are.


We have dedicated our services to the area for over 30 years and want each and every resident's septic system to always be in perfect working order. Calling us makes all the difference.

Our staff is dedicated to your needs

Let us thaw your septic line efficiently


The winters in Wisconsin are formidable - your pipes need to be protected. Give us a call and your winter troubles for your septic lines are over.

WI DNR licensed and certified; continuing education is ongoing

Members of the WI (WLWCA) as well for 10 years.

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