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Septic tanks should be pumped at least once every two years to remove collected solids, but adding septic additives regularly may reduce the need for pumping. Northwest Sanitary of Radisson, WI can show you how it all works.

  • Administration of new septic bacteria

  • Aeration of the water for better aerobic bacteria life

  • Controlled aeration of the tank


The following are included in the process:

Lenzyme products are distributed throughout the world by professional septic, plumbing, and drain-cleaning contractors. We have the Lenzyme bacteria grease and waste digestant that is eco-friendly in a box of 12 pouches which is a year's supply for $50.00. Please call us to find out more or click here to visit their website.

We are authorized Lenzyme dealers

We have the best additives on the market


Call us to learn about how bacterial additives can help your tank perform better.

WI DNR licensed and certified; continuing education is ongoing

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